It is unreal at times how fast we are flying through the month of June. We are definitely getting into the full swing of summer in my household and the wonderful chaos of summertime has set in.  Between long days, football practices/workouts, family activities and more, things have certainly been busy busy in the real world. I know things have been slow around here this month but in July there will be lots of fab products, new blog projects, and more! During all the chaos of the kids being home and the family enjoying summer break, I have been brainstorming on some wonderful product ideas and will even be teaming up with a fantastic special somebody in the VERY near future! Exciting things are on their way!

In the meantime I am finishing out the month with another fabulous alphabet. Just Painted alphabet is hand drawn by me with a paint-y flair! This alphabet was previously sold at Little Dreamer Designs and has now made its return back to my store. With the Just Painted alpha you can add that artistic touch. This alphabet set includes letters a-z, numbers 0-9 and some punctuation.


Delilah will be back this coming Monday after a brief hiatus and things on the blog will start flowing more. If you have any tutorials, tips, or subjects you would like to see talked about on the TPS blog I am always happy to get email from you! Contact me today!





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