Digital Scrapbook Product: Everyday Life: It’s A Girl Thing Collection

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NLheader_ELGirlThing The Everyday Life Collection is a digital scrapbook pocket themed collection created by Designs by Megan Turnidge and Tickled Pink Studio. This collection is a must-have for digital pocket scrapbooking and those who want to dive into hybrid/paper pocket scrapbooking. Perfect for capturing your everyday, Everyday Life helps make it easy to make even the smallest moments special. (more…)

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Digital Scrapbook Product: True Friend & Paws-itively {Cats}

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This week is dedicated to our dedicated & layout best friends, our pets. I have teamed up with Angie of Down This Road Design to create a coordinated collab, True Friend. With a coordinated collab we have both created some fun mini kits that share the same theme and colors. These minis are for sale separately and you can buy the parts that you would like to add to your stash. (more…)

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Fontology: Thirsty Script

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When I first seen Thirsty Script I fell completely in love. I have been crushing on a lot of the new retro-feel fonts lately (Lobster, Marketing Script) and Thirsty Script is a shining example of modern meets vintage. (more…)


Digital Scrapbook Product: July BYOC @ The LilyPad

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We have ventured our way into July and started it off with a bang as we celebrated the Fourth of July here in the USA. Sadly, my family and I weren’t able to do the usual firework display as our area has been extremely hot and dry. We still had a great time together as a family eating yummy food and seeing the fantabulous movie Madagascar 3. Now if you have seen Madagascar 3 you will surely know what I mean when I say I have this stuck in my head.. Da-da-dadada da-da Circus! Da-da-dadada da-da Afro! Circus! Afro! Circus! Afro! Polka-dot, Polka-dot, Polka-dot! Afro! I walked out of the movie singing and humming that and can’t seem to stop yet. It was a delightful movie and our family enjoyed it immensely. (more…)

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Fontology: Mensch

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I have been a font addict for as long as I can remember. Something about type faces just make me light up and I can spend hours looking around at all the wonderful work created by type designers. Being such a huge type fan, I have become the *go to* person among my friends when it comes to figuring out what font they seen somewhere or any other font related question. I guess in my own mind I am a Font Aficionado. So when thinking of what I could put on the blog that might be of interest to other scrappers I thought I would share my love of typography. (more…)


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