Hi all!  Janelle here again today, this time with a video tutorial to show you how to warp your drop shadows.  Why warp your shadows, you ask?  Do you want your pages to give an extra hint of realism?  Then use this EASY trick to do just that!  Warping is something that I love to do when I’m working with pocket pages, but you can use it to warp paper layer shadows in your traditional scrapbooking as well!


You interested?  Take a few minutes and watch this video!  You’ll be warping in no time!

So here is the before:


And here is the after:


Simple changes that make a big difference!

You don’t have to stop at warping shadows of only paper type layers.  My favorites to play with are ribbons and strings!  You can do great things warping those shadows.  I hope you learned something new and that you have fun playing with your new trick!  Until next time!

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