Our Purpose

Our Goals- Why A Food Pantry?

Our Philosophy

It is a privilege and a honor to help those in need. Distributing food is a means of showing the love of Jesus. We give out of what we have been given. Treating patrons, volunteers and ministry leaders with respect and courtesy is also a means of showing Jesus’ love. When we work together to reach out to others, it brings glory to God and blessings to all involved.

Our Goals

To engage Hillside Church and the members of the community in an on-going ministry to meet a local community need. Distributing ‘rescued food’ provides many opportunities to serve. We provide the setting and opportunity for people from all walks of life to come together for a common purpose and work side-by-side as we serve the community together.

Hunger is Real

° 125,183 families who work year-round, still need food stamps to meet their nutritional needs.
° 39% of the households who receive food from the GCFD include at least one employed adult.
° 33% of those served are children under 18 years.
° Nearly 1.5 million people in Illinois live in poverty.

(Statistics from the Chicago Greater Food Depository)



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