Hey scrappers! Janelle here today with some fun ideas to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Pocket Starts collections.

When Becca debuted the collection to her team, we were all immediately in love! We couldn’t believe all of the different cards she offered, the loads of patterned and solid papers to choose from, and even a template for crying out loud! And not to mention her brushes and cut files!  (Be sure to see the post I did about turning cut files into digital elements HERE.)

Just look at this gorgeous collection!

Pocket Starts: Flourish Edition Collection

With SO many options to choose from, I wanted to make sure I was utilizing the collection to the best of its ability.  I’m here to offer a few suggestions to make sure you’re using what you bought!

  1. Use templates with lots of different sized cards (think different orientations as well).
  2. Use papers and clipping masks to create even more cards.
  3. Use “wrong” shaped photos on “wrong” shaped cards.
  4. Turn cut files into digital elements. (See the how to HERE)
  5. Create traditional pages using pocket cards.

Take a look at how I incorporated some of my suggestions!

This first layout uses 4×6, 2×2, and 4×3 card spots. Lots of different sizes to make sure I’m pulling from different card selections.  I also used solid papers clipped to the 2×2 journaling cards.  I needed the full size of the 2×2 card to fit my journaling and didn’t want it to be on a patterned page or card that would make me cut my journaling down.  I also used a photo that was taken in portrait (the selfie from my hubs) on a 4×6 landscape card.  I simply clipped the photo to the card and then clipped a solid paper to the side of the photo on top of the card so that I could journal on it.  Some people wouldn’t even consider using a portrait photo on a landscape card.  Food for thought!

Digital Scrapbook Page by Janelle

This next layout used more different sized cards than the first to help me utilize the collection.  The card formats here are 6×4, 4×4, 3×4, and 2×2.  Only the 2x2s were used again here.

Digital Scrapbook Layout by Janelle

With this 3rd layout, I utilized papers as potential cards because one my photos wasn’t high quality enough to fill an entire card space.  I clipped a paper to my card first first, then laid my photo & and journaling block on top of them.  I also used papers to clip to the 4×2 shaped cards that I use to give a little differentiation to my layouts.  With so many options, I love to mix up the traditional Project Life grids and sizes.

Digital Scrapbook Pocket Page by Janelle

With my last layout, I had a few landscape photos that ended up on portrait cards with a journaling blip on the card as well.  This worked perfectly for me because the photos weren’t important enough to take the full size of a 4×6 in my spread, but they were still captured!

Project Life Layout by Janelle

So there you go!  You can see the only thing I reused in any of my layouts were the flowers from the elements pack.  Everything else was used only once and I still have a whole bunch of cards and papers that I haven’t even touched yet!  I hope that this post has given you a little insight on what you can do to make the most of your pocket starts collection!  Until next time!

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