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I am happy to start with the Fontology series again. After a bit of a hiatus it is time to get the blog back in action! What better way to kick of the return of blog action then with an amazing font?!

As with most in the design or scrapbooking hobby I am a HUGE font addict! I have always had a big love for typography and am always on the lookout for awesome fonts to add to my line up. With the Fontology series I share some of those font finds so we can all have fun in this crazy addiction to fonts. Some of the fonts I share will be free and some will be for a charge. I will always list where I snagged the font from and whether it is free or what it costs. I know for hobbyist free is always a better choice so I will try my best to share the coolest FREE fonts but as a designer I also have a great stash of fonts that I purchase and some are just too cool not to share even though they may cost more than what you would want to spend.


If you have any font questions or would like a certain type of font spotlighted (typewriter, serif, sans serif, etc.) don’t hesitate to let me know and I will do my best to answer all questions and spotlight the different types of fonts.

Now on to today’s spotlighted font…

Villa Didot Font


Villa Didot is a wonderful, fun font. This font is very versatile and can sport many looks with the different parts of this amazing font. You can combine the different outlines and fills to create a different look each time. The brain child of Sasha Timplan, Villa Didot, was created to use on posters for club villaWuller. The best part of this wonderful font? You can snag it FREE by visiting Artill’s blog HERE. This font would be a great addition to your stash to help create amazing, fun titles on your pages and projects.

Don’t forget to check in each week to see what font is in the spotlight with Fontology!

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