My Easter fun started on Monday morning when a mom from the PTA and myself went grocery shopping for the school. I’m in the PTA myself, and we started discussing Easter a few weeks back with the question “What to do and what to eat?”, Each class in the school will have their own celebration (my little lady goes to a Christian school) with songs & stories. Normally they have a lunch with each other, but we wanted to do something different this year. We all agreed that a high tea would be awesome and the teachers agreed!

We started brainstorming what to serve. Because the funds are very small this year, we decided to make these little bites for each class in school:


We made 4 of these for each classroom. Look at all that yummy, delicious, and healthy food!


How did you spend your Easter? I would love to hear what you made for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner! Even better, share a layout about it in the comments.

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