Christmas traditions

Natascha here on the blog today to share some of our Christmas traditions. We have a Dutch tradition called Sinterklaas here in the Netherlands and because of that we always start later with decorating the tree and the house for Christmas! Normally we start when he leaves (December 6th), but because of my surgery and then the hubsters sugery we started halfway week 2 with buying one and this week I finished decorating the tree…OMG I’m so very glad I got a small one this year!

Traditions…mine started a long time ago when it first came on the television. it’s a very long show and only once per year!! Well the Christmas version I mean :) It’s a show called All You Need Is Love and the host is Robert ten Brink, he brings lovers and family together for the upcoming holidays to spend some time together here in the Netherlands, I enjoy watching it every year and this year will be the second year I watch it with my little lady! So there you have it…We are a bunch of emotional galls aren’t we?!! We are going to make some yummie food en drinks and watch it together for the second time!!


The second tradition: The little lady’s own litlle Christmas tree! She loveeeees her colors, but me? Nope my tree is green with lots of white, silver and a bit of red hehe and hers is green with silver, pink, blue and purple! *yikes*

The third tradition: One day, most times it’s the second Christmas day, we spend at my parents. Unwrapping presents and have fun with lots of yummie foods and drinks!

I really can’t believe that his is the week of all the festivities! The night before Christmas where we will have our first tradition and then Christmas it self and then…ohh my time really does fly right?!!

From my family to yours: We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Loving New Year!!

Love Natascha!

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