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Traveling: places around the world.

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In the city

Hi there! How are you? I’ve recently recovered from having the flu and it is not fun at all!  It made me really tired, so I have slept a lot the last few days. I’m happy that I can finally say “I’m back”!

Today I wanted to talk about traveling. Oh how I wish I was married to a rich man *sorry hubby*! There are so many places I want to see and visit in the world, for example New York and San Francisco. Also countries like China, Australia, and Canada. Oh boy can someone buy me a ticket around the world? I’m fortunate though, because I’ve already seen some amazing places.

These are the places I have visited so far:

I’m excited to be visiting Paris again this year! The first time was a city trip during high school, and the second time was in 2013 when we went to visit Disneyland Paris. This coming June I will visit the city 2 more times. I will visit Disneyland Paris again on the 13th for one day with my little lady to thank her for being an amazing kiddo and to let her know how proud I am of her! But hush now, because she doesn’t know! The second time will be a weekend getaway with hubby to celebrate our 10th anniversary. I’m am so very excited!

What places do you want to see or have you enjoyed visiting? I would love to hear about it, maybe you can leave a link in the comments so I can take a peek at the place. Have a great day and enjoy!


Music: What’s on your playlist?

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Hi there Tickled Pink fans! Today I’d like to discuss music! It’s a big part of my life. I simply cannot imagine my life without music. I’m the type of person that needs to hear something on in the background while I’m doing household chores, scrapbooking, and I even have music on while writing this blog post!

Currently I’m listening to a playlist that’s called NOW! with artists such as
Alex Clare, Rihanna, Nickleback, Sam Smith, Justin Bieber, John Legend, Anouk, and Jason Derulo…just to name a few! Here’s a closer look at a part of that playlist


Do you have Spotify and if so what’s on your playlist that you are currently listening to? I would love to hear about what songs you like, so please leave a comment! Maybe I’ll learn some new to me artists. Have a great day and enjoy!

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Easter: Our School Celebration!

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My Easter fun started on Monday morning when a mom from the PTA and myself went grocery shopping for the school. I’m in the PTA myself, and we started discussing Easter a few weeks back with the question “What to do and what to eat?”, Each class in the school will have their own celebration (my little lady goes to a Christian school) with songs & stories. Normally they have a lunch with each other, but we wanted to do something different this year. We all agreed that a high tea would be awesome and the teachers agreed!

We started brainstorming what to serve. Because the funds are very small this year, we decided to make these little bites for each class in school:


We made 4 of these for each classroom. Look at all that yummy, delicious, and healthy food!


How did you spend your Easter? I would love to hear what you made for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner! Even better, share a layout about it in the comments.

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Everyday Life: Quality Family Time!

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Everyday Life: Quality Family Time

Well hello there!! How are you all doing? Today I want to talk about something that means the world to me: my little lady!! She is really the love and light of my life. I’m so very blessed and happy to be her Mom. I try to spend as much time as I can just with her reading, playing, crafting, or just doing girly stuff. I am not a “girly girl”, but my Daughter is and she loves the color pink & make up! She will be 9 at the end of October and she’s really a character of her own, for sure!! Unfortunately, she spends almost every weekend at her Grandparents (my parents) so we can only do all the fun stuff when she comes home from school.

She came to me on the morning of March 3rd right before school started and asked me what we could do that afternoon. She had her little purse in her hand filled with all of her nail polish and looked at me with what I call her devilish smile, and then she laughed out loud. So yep, I spent the afternoon polishing her little fingernails with all kinds of different colors and even glitters!

These are all her nail polish bottles


and this is the result, which of course had to match the outfit she planned to wear the next day!




What types of activities do you do with your kids to spend some quality time with them? I would love to hear about it, so please leave a comment. Have a great day and enjoy!

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Making The Most of the Pocket Starts Collections

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Hey scrappers! Janelle here today with some fun ideas to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Pocket Starts collections.

When Becca debuted the collection to her team, we were all immediately in love! We couldn’t believe all of the different cards she offered, the loads of patterned and solid papers to choose from, and even a template for crying out loud! And not to mention her brushes and cut files! (more…)

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