Welcome to the second post in the Capture Your Everyday blog series! As memory keepers we know the importance of capturing the everyday and documenting life. It is easy to get caught up in the hurried flow of the digital world and lose track of what is important in our own memory keeping.

The Capture Your Everyday blog series features simple tips to help keep you on track of remembering the small things in life. Read on to read more about today’s tip…


TPS Capture Your Everyday: Tip #2


This time we are focusing on the little things in life. Not every moment we capture has to be some major, monumental event. Even the tiniest of moments we experience everyday are important and should be documented. Not that you have to document every single thing in life (we would forever be creating, wouldn’t we?) BUT  remind yourself not to forget to capture some of the things in life that might seem mundane. It’s those things that hold special memories and moments as well.

Make sure to count the little moments, they are just as important.

Think about it… the big events aren’t normally forgotten. A birthday, your wedding day, the day your child was born, those moments stick with us. Those stories are shared countless times. And while they are important in their own right and should be documented, the small moments that we tend to forget as we go through life need their special place too. The day you felt accomplished because you learned out to make a soufflé AND it didn’t fall! That one time your little one was being super silly and you managed to get a snapshot of it. The time you tried to color your own hair and it ended up being banana yellow!

All of these little moments are a part of our life. They help make up who we are. They help those down the road who look back on our albums or layouts to learn a little bit more about us on the personal level.

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